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North Front Range Transportation and Air Quality Planning Council Regular Meeting 6/1/2023

Meeting Summary by Matt Liberati


  • Congestion Management Process Approved

  • May TIP Amendment Approved

  • 2050 RTP Goals, Objectives, Performance Measures, and Targets (GOPMT) Approved with safety goal added

Meeting Notes

Air Pollution Control Division Presentation

  • Focused on ozone season and ozone planning

  • Updated daily ozone emails for clarity

  • Reduce Ozone Planning

    • Oil and gas drilling and pre production operations

    • Diesel engines and natural gas engines under 1000 horsepower

    • Regulations proposed in the fall

  • Colorado Clean cars program encourage low and zero emitting cars July rulemaking request

  • Exploring fees with the emission of greenhouse gases

  • Exploring rulemaking on reducing emission of greenhouse gases from industrial and manufacturing sector

  • Passed enhanced permitting requirements with disproportionately impacted communities

Suggestion that 3 members need to voice agreement before staff takes research action

Discussion about Transportation Planning Regions (TPR) changes

  • Each TPR will have one transit representative

  • There will remain 10 rural TPR

  • Work with TPR to update bylaws

  • 5 public discussion meetings this summer about Boundary changes

  • Report to the transportation commission on Boundary recommendations by Nov 30th 2023

  • Transportation commission consider Boundary recommendations by June 2024

Sector Specific Plan (SSP) Grant Discussion

  • Not going after SSP grants from a regional level

  • Some local areas are pursuing grants requires action plan completion

  • Fort Collins has an action plan in place already

  • Weld County is going after it

  • Loveland and Windsor are possibly pursuing it

Shift Your Ride

  • Document alternate transportation beside single occupancy vehicle and be entered to win a prize

  • Open June 1 to August 31

RAQC (Regional Air Quality Council)

  • Creates State Implementation Plans for 8 hour ozone nonattainment area Northern Colorado and Denver Metropolitan areas for eventual approval by EPA

  • Hires consultants for ozone modeling and education programs

  • Budget for Northern Subarea (North of Boulder County direct line across into Weld) and Southern Subarea

State Demographer Presentation Elizabeth Garner State Demographer

  • State Growth slowing 26,000 per year last 2 years vs 75,000 average last decade

  • Highest growth 65+, Low growth working population, very low growth under 18

  • Weld County still growing fastest due to affordability bedroom community for jobs in other counties lots of transportation activities

  • Larimer County slower growth and 50% is 65+ in the next decade

  • Jobs are counted by place of employment so working from home job is at headquarters not home

  • Colorado Sixth Highest Median Home Price, Fourth Highest Median Rent, Tenth Highest Median Income

  • 50% of Larimer County growth in the next decade is 65+

North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization Models for 2050

  • Land Use: Forecast location of population and jobs

    • CDOT uses this model for state projections

  • Travel Model: Forecast travel patterns

    • Validated by looking at actual traffic counts in a 5 year period

    • Coordinate with CDOT to track trips that leave the study area of Weld and Larimer counties

Resolution 2023-10 Congestion Management Process

  • Reduced crash count from all of Larimer/Weld to areas in the region

  • Made Updates from June meetings

  • Passed Unanimously

Resolution 2023-11 May 2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment

  • Revising CDOT Region 4’s project I-25 Segment 5 (CO56 to CO66) by adding $137,857K TIFIA Loan funding in FY24.

  • Revising Greeley’s 10th Street Access Control Implementation project by removing $2,429K STBG/Local and increasing LOM by $2,429K.

  • Revising Greeley’s 83rd Avenue Roadway Improvements project by adding $2,429K STBG/Local and decreasing LOM by $2,249K.

  • Revising the RAQC’s Regional Ozone Planning, Modeling, and Analysis project by adding $30K STBG/Local each year in FY24 and FY25.

  • Incorporating the Greeley Program of Projects (POP) including the following revisions in FY2023:

    • Adding $2,047K FTA 5307/Local funding to Greeley-GET Operating Assistance 50/50

    • Adding $646K FTA 5307/Local funding to Greeley-GET ADA Operations 80/20

    • Decreasing $23K FTA 5307/Local funding from Greeley-GET Preventative Maintenance 80/20

    • Adding new project Greeley-GET Capital Projects 80/20 with $2,507K ($2,006K FTA5307/$501K Local) each year in FYs 2023-2026.

  • Passed Unanimously

2050 RTP Goals, Objectives, Performance Measures, and Targets (GOPMT) Goal Addition

  • Added Goal: Safety

    • Objective: Reduce the number of roadway related fatalities and serious injuries within the region

  • Passed Unanimously

2023 Call for Projects

  • Presented Framework for Scoring Projects based on Safety Regional Health Mobility Multimodal and Operations Goals and a small pool of Discretionary points for local priorities not reliant on data

  • Planning Council Schedule

    • July 6 Discussion on Draft Guidebook

    • August 3 Approval of Call Process

Tier 1 10 Year Plan Priorities List ~55 Million Available

  • US 34

  • I-25/SH14 Interchange Reconfiguration Phase 1

  • I-25/US34 Interchange

  • Discussion about adding more multimodal listings alongside road projects

  • Discussion about why a transit townhall isn’t scheduled for Northern Colorado

2050 Regional Transportation Plan Fiscally Constrained Plan

  • Outlines Transportation Projects from 2024-2050

  • 17 billion in costs and 13 billion in funding = funding gap of 4 Billion

  • 254 million in funding is unallocated question to council where to put it?

  • Council discussion generally supported allocating that money to capacity projects

Greenhouse Gas Transportation Report

  • 4 Strategies to reduce greenhouse gases

    • Transit (More regional transportation service and t)

    • Transportation Demand Management (Regional programs)

    • Operations (Arterial signal timing improvements)

    • Active Transportation (More bikes & more local bike and ped networks)

  • Board vote to approve in July

Transportation Commission Report

  • Additional 25 million in road repair across the state

  • 8 million for I-25 north of Fort Collins

  • Motorcycle safety month

CDOT Region 4 Update

  • Larimer County Meeting June 29th

  • Weld County Meeting June 22nd

  • Concrete Panel Replacement Project Advertisement 14 to Owl Canyon

  • Restructure 257 North of Windsor

  • Restructure 34 to Walnut Street South Windsor

Colorado Transportation Investment Office

  • 6.62 Million to spend

  • Looking at Bus Rapid Transit and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Front Range Passenger Rail District

  • Community Outreach

  • Service Development Plan

Host Council Member Report Greeley

  • Greeley has grown a lot and much of the growth is people of color

  • County Road 17 Project

  • Transit from Greeley to Loveland and to Fort Collins


  • Congestion Management Process Approved

  • May TIP Amendment Approved

  • 2050 RTP Goals, Objectives, Performance Measures, and Targets (GOPMT) Approved with safety goal added

Observer Follow-Up Questions

  • How will Weld County address growth and Larimer County address slower growth and more 65+ growth and how will these 2 different dynamics impact board actions moving forward?

  • How will the 2050 proposed transportation project funding gap of 4 billion be addressed?

  • How will council prioritize road projects and multi-modal projects?

Read and search the transcript of meeting at this link, or scroll below. To keyword search all content on this page hit the "control" or "command" button and "F"

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