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Poudre School District Board of Education 4/18/2023

Meeting Summary

The Poudre School District met to review several agenda items. Discussions around the timeline and EDI of the Strategic Plan were addressed. Members called for minority voices to be brought into consideration when developing processes that will impact their demographic - low social emotional and performance students who will be targeted for additional services. Even if all positions were filled with Mental Health staff as currently slated the schools would like to see community partners on board with providing on campus support.

Teachers and staff consistently struggle with smart devices in the classroom as the new norm and hope to get more support around bullying and supporting kids that go from being bullied and snapping and getting in trouble. The need for additional safe spaces for students and staff are needed in this area.

"We will be monitoring and know exactly who those kids are and we are not limited in waiting once a year for the connections survey because we have staff and community members... So we can build something which we are talking about doing (points to the right) to monitor that in a more formative real time aspect something we haven’t had done in the past." Parents may wonder what this proposal looks like for their kids and what details parents need to discuss with their kiddos when being targeted and having a strategy implemented with them as this is a new process and has not been done in the past as a process. Targeting implementation scheduled to start 2023/2024

Read and search the transcript of meeting at this link, or scroll below. To keyword search all content on this page hit the "control" or "command" button and "F"

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