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Timnath Planning Commission 05/16/2023

Name of Observer

Sara Tarr

Meeting summary

  • Two citizens made public comments about their approval of the Ladera development. Discussion of this development was postponed until July 18, 2023.

  • Roll call roll call. 11:36

    • Roll call for vice chairperson and vice chair person voting.

    • No amendments to the agenda.

  • Public comment on agenda items. 13:09

    • Opportunity to supersede the chair and vice chair.

    • Public comment on agenda items.

  • Who’s first to speak? 15:37

    • Bill Jenkins, james sylvester and liz newman.

    • Natalie, liz and bill.

  • Growth is a fact of life. 17:31

    • Growth is a fact of life in Colorado.

    • The economic benefits to Timnath are truly impactful.

  • Timnath Planning Commission. 19:23

    • Timnath planning commission is a voice of the people.

    • Ladera is a great place to have fun.

  • Madera is a good plan. 21:20

    • Madera is well thought out of the development.

    • Consent agenda consists of approval of March 21.

  • Minutes Consent Agenda. 22:54

    • Meeting minutes, no additions or corrections to the minutes.

    • Moving on to reports.

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