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Timnath Planning Commission 05/16/2023

Name of Observer

Sara Tarr

Meeting summary

  • Two citizens made public comments about their approval of the Ladera development. Discussion of this development was postponed until July 18, 2023.

Link to meeting agenda

Link to meeting packet

Link to full notes document by Sara Tarr

Timnath Planning Commission Meeting May 16, 2023 Summary

  • Roll call roll call. 11:36

  • Roll call for vice chairperson and vice chair person voting.

  • No amendments to the agenda.

  • Public comment on agenda items. 13:09

  • Opportunity to supersede the chair and vice chair.

  • Public comment on agenda items.

  • Who’s first to speak? 15:37

  • Bill Jenkins, james sylvester and liz newman.

  • Natalie, liz and bill.

  • Growth is a fact of life. 17:31

  • Growth is a fact of life in Colorado.

  • The economic benefits to Timnath are truly impactful.

  • Timnath Planning Commission. 19:23

  • Timnath planning commission is a voice of the people.

  • Ladera is a great place to have fun.

  • Madera is a good plan. 21:20

  • Madera is well thought out of the development.

  • Consent agenda consists of approval of March 21.

  • Minutes Consent Agenda. 22:54

  • Meeting minutes, no additions or corrections to the minutes.

  • Moving on to reports.

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