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Timnath Town Council 05/09/2023

Meeting Summary

  • The Council approved the Economic Development Incentive Policy and a pool of $100,000 for small businesses, particularly in Old Town and along Harmony Road. This resolution was supported in Public Comments by Timnath resident Bill Jenkins.

  • The Council approved opening up bids to build a loop trail around Weitzel Park.


  • Start of the meeting. 6:25

    • Regular council meeting to be called to order.

    • Announcement of public comments.

  • Walking dogs off-leash. 8:15

    • Two summons for walking dogs off leash in wenzel park.

    • History of harmony reservoir.

  • Bill’s comments. 10:26

    • Sugarloaf court, resolution 37 series 2023.

  • Rob’s thoughts on the resolution. 11:55

    • Strongly support the resolution for economic incentive policy.

    • No clear definition of small business.

    • Approval of the consent agenda as presented.

    • Town cleanup this weekend.

  • Mental Health Awareness Month proclamation. 15:36

    • Mental health awareness month in Maine.

    • The town of Timnath, may 2023.

  • Resolution: Approving an economic development incentive policy. 18:03

    • Resolution 37 series 2023, approving economic development incentive policy.

  • Matt’s experience working for the city of Loveland. 20:06

    • How to apply the incentive.

    • Enhanced sales tax, construction use tax and building permit fee reimbursements.

    • Retail business incentives.

  • Do you have any questions about small businesses? 25:24

    • No questions or comments from the council.

    • Implementation steps for small businesses.

  • Flexibility at the staff level. 28:18

    • Flexibility and discretion at the staff level.

    • New applications only effective if the resolution passes.

  • Resolution approving economic development incentive policy. 31:04

    • Resolution 37, approving economic development incentive policy.

    • Resolution 38, approving crossing agreement for Weitzel park.

    • Crossing agreement with Weitzel Park.

    • Resolution 38, approving crossing agreement for Whitesville Farm.

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